Asia Bizz: For those who are regular creators of original video content and upload videos regularly on, the video-sharing website has now started a new program where users can now become a content partner with the site. YouTube has recently announced the YouTube Partner program in India.

The new program is open for all the creators who make original high-quality videos regularly and also distribute the content online. The interested content creators can now apply online for the program.

The program is a way of the video streaming site to share advertising revenue with some of the popular and successful video creators. After the video has been created, the video will have advertisements on the video or next to their videos.

The revenue that will be generated by the ads with the partners will be split. The news is that the majority of the share will be going to the partner. Head of the YouTube Content operations, David MacDonald has said that YouTube has been a great platform for the Indian content that was demonstrated by the success of the Indian Premier League and the Bollywood studio partners. The platform has now been open for all the media companies and the original content creators in India.