Asia Bizz: Indian Auto giant’s Tata Nano, which the company had launched to be the cheapest car, is in the news yet again. This time, a Tata Nano caught in flames in New Delhi on Sunday. The Nano, which was supposed to revolutionize the transport in India, had caught flames under unknown circumstances.

Two brothers who were in the vehicle managed to escape from the car after it had caught flames. Fire tenders were rushed to the spot, and doused the fire in 15 minutes. None of the passengers of the car were hurt in the incident.

Debasis Ray, a spokesperson of Tata Nano, said that they had rushed a team of engineers to the spot to investigate the incident and the probe is a time consuming process. Even in the past, many such cases have been reported and due to which the sales of the car have gone down due to the safety reasons.

Some of the other reasons for the sales of the car going down include slow economic growth and production glitches. The spokesman of the company has further said that the company would be in constant touch with the owner of the car. Last year, the company had to offer free safety upgrades as many of the cars caught fire in different incidents. On the other hand, the company has always maintained that there are no safety issues with the car.