Asia Bizz: Electronics manufacturing giant, Toshiba, on Monday said that it would be launching its 55 inch 3D TVs by the month of December 2011 in the Japanese market. The 3D TVs are designed so that the users do not have to wear glasses that are usually required for 3D viewing.

Masaaki Oosomi, the senior vice president of Toshiba Corporate, said that initially they are targeting the monthly sales of 1,000 units per month and later on, the company is also hoping to take the product overseas. There are chances that the 3D TVs would be priced around 9,00,000 Yen.

Toshiba is currently selling 3D TVs of 12 inch and 20 inch, which do not require the usage of glasses. The technology that is used in the 3D TVs is the lense that scatter the light from the centre of the screen to create 3D images. This technology is different from those TVs which uses filters in the glasses that allows the right and the left eye to see 3D images.

Toshiba is a Japanese-based company which produces electronic devices and consumer products that are needed on a daily basis. The company is known for manufacturing quality TVs, laptops, power systems, household appliances, industrial and social infrastructure systems.