Asia Bizz: Now that the demand for diesel cars has increased in the Indian market, Japanese auto giant Honda is planning to launch diesel cars in the market. On October 3, 2011, the company announced their plans to launch diesel cars.

The demand for diesel cars has increased due to the constant hike in the petrol prices in India. Honda is now in the process of developing diesel engines in Japan, one of the senior officials of Honda Siel Cars India, Jnaneswar Sen said.

Jnaneswar Sen added that the research and development team in Japan is developing the diesel engines. He added that it would be premature to say that the products would be rolled out on the diesel platform.

However, the official refused to reveal when the cars would be launched in India. Sen said that the engines are being designed specifically for the Indian market, while the other markets prefer petrol cars. Meanwhile the company has launched its Brio in the hatchback segment, while Honda has said that with their new car they are targeting the first time buyers as well as those who have already own a Honda vehicle. The new Brio is prices between Rs. 4.4 lakhs and Rs. 5.20 lakhs.