Asia Bizz: Seems like Anna Hazare will have a helping hand now. On Thursday, September 28, the Indian government said that it is now essential to institutionalize the e-governance system which would help in reducing the human interface and would also keep a check on corruption.

Kapil Sibal, the Indian telecom minister said that it is important to have a law to ensure that the corrupt people are punished and dealt with expeditiously and also very strongly so that a fear can be created in the minds of the people who try to violate the law. Sibal added that just the law is not enough and that there must be a system that would reduce the human element in the delivery of public services.

The minister said that the e-governance would help in eliminating human effort in delivering the public services. He gavce the example of Income Tax Refunds, when sometimes the officials demand money to give a refund.

It was suggested by the minister that such things can be avoided by introducing e-governance and reducing human interference. Through e-governance, one can be assured that the tax refunds has been finalized and is delivered to the account. So the human effort is exempted and corruption is also avoided.