Asia Bizz: The launch of India’s Tata Nano has been delayed in Bangladesh after the car was due to make its presence in their market on Saturday, 15th October 2011. The primary reason for the delay is the high tax leverage, that means the vehicle would cost around 599,000 taka in the Bangladeshi region.

In India, the car costs a mere Rs.1,41,000 providing it the tag line of being the cheapest car in the world, but the tax rates in its neighboring nation costs way too much on a standard model of the vehicle.

Tata Nano was scheduled to make an entry along with Nitol Motors of Bangladesh at a fair on Saturday, but all plans of that launch were washed out.

It was reported that there are many Bangladeshi customers who have shown their interest of purchasing the vehicle; some 23 have already been confirmed. But as the bad news struck the customers, it was notified that witnessing the final price of the vehicle in their country, it seemed too much for them. The import duty in the nation is as high as 132% for the Tata Nano.