Asia Bizz: With the growing market of the laptop market, Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic has entered the laptop space on 18th October. The company has unveiled their Toughbook CF-53, specially designed for the business oriented people in India.

The VDC research has said that the Toughbook has 65.3 percent share in the global market of notebooks. But the size of the global notebook market was not disclosed.

While talking about their sales target, the president of Panasonic India Daizo Ito said that this year they would aim for 4,000 units just because they have entered late. Ito also added that next year they would be targeting 40,000 units.

The price of the Toughbook is priced at Rs 1 lakh. Ito also said that they are hoping to reach a wide customer segment with the help of their new product and also to cater the needs of the businessmen in India. The president said that the Toughbook has been designed keeping in mind the requirements and challenges of the various industries and the localization being the key to the company’s success. Panasonic has said that they aim to sell the product in different sectors like telecom, aviation, automotive, utility and government. Amos Tio, the General manager of Toughbook Asia has said that they aim to capture more than 50 percent of the market share in each target vertical in India.