Asia Bizz: Indian telecom service provider MTS launched its international roaming service for pre-paid subscribers on 17th October. The new service will enable the subscribers to roam across 433 GSM networks in 231 countries.

The services for MTS customers could be availed in countries like Canada, US, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China, Singapore, UAE, Bahrain, Chile, UK, France, New Zealand and others. Along with the new service, MTS has also launched dual mode SIM cards that would work on both CDMA handsets in India and GSM handsets while abroad.

The company has claimed that with the announcement, it has become the first telecom company in the country to provide international data roaming for CDMA pre-paid customers. Leonid Musatov, the chief marketing and sales officer of MTS India has said that with a view to the connectivity and convenience the company has introduced international roaming services for the customers.

Leonid also added that the new service would enable the users to stay connected even while travelling abroad, without changing their numbers. The users will now enjoy seamless data connectivity on the go internationally. While on international roaming the subscribers can also have access to GPRS services in 206 countries on 322 telecom networks.