Asia Bizz: The Nokia World is set to reveal some of concept technology this week. The latest technology that was showed off was something unique and included a new flexible device was shown off which uses kinetic motions.

The kinetic motions are used for interactions and are used in the tablet like device. The device has a large 4 inch OLED screen which can also be bent to control the interface.

The demo software of Nokia on the device had offered a music player and a photo viewer. The device can be bent to select an item and then bend it back to return. If the user twists the panel, it will scroll down and if it is bent forward or backward it will zoom in or out the picture.

When the music is being played the device can be twisted to control the volume. The temptation to touch the screen is inevitable and even the bending actions are intuitive. The device does not take many efforts from the users to select an item, which has made the device fluid in performance. The kinetic interface makes it easier for the users wearing hand gloves.