Asia Bizz: Formula 1 has finally arrived in India on October 28th, 2011 and 24 drivers from different parts of the world have reached the new circuit which would feature the latest edition in the season’s calender, the Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. But as they have arrived, they were shocked to see the enthusiasm, craze and love for the motor sport the people of India have, and that’s not it we are speaking of a national level of interest.

The event has really been long awaited in India and it does mean a lot for the people of this nation, the country has a massive viewership for formula 1, and having it organized in India for the first time will certainly receive a huge response. The Indian GP is not only a sporting event but also an achievement to bring one of the most expensive motor sports in the world to India.

Formula 1 personnel and top bosses were shocked to witness the level of knowledge and interest the people and media of India possessed for the sport, being a new destination for Formula 1 this is certainly going to be fascinating. India is nation that is developing really fast and bringing Formula 1 here has made quite a difference, it should help the economy in one way, especially in the terms of automotive technology. The fan following tide for first witnessed by them in Bangalore, where at a similar promotion event as many as 40,000 people showed up, this has indeed mesmerized them.