Asia Bizz: Google’s popular email service provider Gmail will soon get a new look. Reports have said that the new look Gmail has a better look and is more flexible. The company has said that the users will get to stretch and shrink the display according to their own tastes.

On 21st October, Jason Cornwell said from YouTube, that they have completely redesigned the look as well as the feel of Gmail to make it look as clean, intuitive and simple as possible. Over the past few months, the search engine giant has been on a bit of user interface kick.

More than 40 million people use Gmail in the world. The results were handed out by the research outfit comScore. The Apps Suite of Gmail is the most popular features that is used by many of the business firms around the world.

More than five million businesses make use of the Apps by Google, but such accounts are just about one percent of the total market. Recently a new video of the new look of the email service has been released which shows better details than that which was released in the month of June. However, the company is not saying much about the development.