Asia Bizz: Search engine giant Google has said that it is planning to open three data centres in Asia. Late September, the company said that it would be opening centres which would cost more than $200 million due to the increasing number of internet users in the region.

Google had also taken the decision to open the centres due to competition from rivals. Till now, the company operated data centres in Europe as well as US, but still does not have any in Asia.

Google will now open centres in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan on a total of 22.6 hectares of land. The new centres will help local customers with better services in the region and would be equipped with house computer and telecom systems along with high security and back up power supplies.

Taj Meadows, the Asia Pacific policy communications manager of Google has said that the number of users and also the amount of internet use is increasing day by day in Asia than no where else in the world. Taj added that a large number of users are coming online everyday. In Asia, the company has faced tough competition especially in the China market where, the domestic search service including Baidu ia a prominent name.