Asia Bizz: The first load of the tsunami debris from the Iwate Prefecture was received by the Tokyo Metropolitan government on 3rd November 2011. More than 30 tons of the debris was sent by train from the Miyagi City and had arrived at the freight station in Shinagawa Ward in the morning.

After it was received the containers that was in six containers was divided in to combustible and non combustible containers. The classified containers were then loaded in to the trucks and were sent to three incineration and disposal facilities.

This was the first time that the debris from the Tohoku region that was destroyed by the natural disaster was sent outside the region for disposal. But before the debris were sent for disposal it was essential to assure that it did not contain any radio active material.

The Iwate and the Miyagi prefecture governments had then started testing the rubble for radio active elements last month. Tests were conducted to find if it had any hints of cesium or other radio active elements. Reports have said that Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures have huge amounts of debris that weigh more than 23 tons. The government has said that all the storage areas are full and that help from the other prefectures is needed to dispose the debris.