Asia Bizz: After the Bollywod actor Shiney Ahuja filed a case against Indian mobile manufacturer Micromax for a controversial advertisement which poked fun at him, the company has decided to withdra the commercial. The advertisement had allegedly made fun of the actor, who is currently dealing with a rape case against him.

The publicist of the actor had announced that the company has taken back the commercial. Two years back, the actor was convicted of raping his domestic help.

The actor later filed an appeal in the High court due to which he is now allowed to be out on bail. The commercial in question had poked fun at Ahuja as two ladies get envious of their maid, who claims that her boss had gifted her a Micromax mobile phone.

In the month of October 2011, Ahuja had sent a legal notice to the company saying that it was an assassination of his character as the case is still pending in the court. Dale Bhagwagar, the publicist of the actor, said that it wasn’t fair on the side of the company to influence the public while the case is still being heard in the Bombay High Court. Micromax had then sent a letter to the actor stating that they have withdrawn the commercial.