Asia Bizz: The winner of the Indian ‘Doodle 4 Google’ contest has been announced. 7-year-old Varsha Gupta has been announced as the winner of the contest and her creative work will appear on the homepage of Google on 14th November 2011 – which is celebrated as ‘Childrens Day’ in India.

More than 1,55,000 entries were received from across the country and the theme this year was ‘India’s Gift To The World’. Varsha drew a set of ‘Indian Musical Instruments’ resembling the logo of Google.

Gupta is a student of Ryan International School in Noida and has been presented with a certificate with a technology starter package which includes a laptop, internet connection for a year and also Rs. 2,00,000 technology grant for her school.

While explaining her Doodle, Varsha wrote that India is a land of different cultures and that music plays an important role in the country. The 7-year-old student further stated that India has given many musical instruments to the world like the ‘Damaru’, ‘veena’, ‘flute’, ‘tabla’ and ‘santoor’.

Varsha is the national winner, while three group winners were also chosen through online voting system. In the online voting system, the Indian internet users had chosen their favorite Doodle from the finalists. The professional Doodlers from Google were called for judging the contest.