Asia Bizz: Japanese auto giant Toyota Motors has called for a recall on November 9, 2011, of more than 550,000 vehicles across the world to rectify a common problem. Most of the vehicles have been recalled from the US for some problem related to the crankshaft pulley on the engine.

Due to this problem, the vehicle could become harder to steer for the driver of the car. The sales unit of the US said that if the problem was not corrected, then there are possibilities that the belt from the power steering may come out of the pulley.

The recall from the company will be effecting 137, 000 Lexus vehicles and 283, 200 Toyota Brands in the United States. The recall also includes the 2004 and 2005 Camry, Sienna and Highlander.

Dion Corbett, the spokesman of Toyota, said that some 38,000 cars have been recalled in Japan which also include 25,000 cars in New Zealand and Australia. Corbett also added that till now there have been no accidents reported, but 79 reports about the defect dating back in the year 2007 have been received. The reputation of the car brand has been affected due to the many recalls by the company in the past few years.