Asia Bizz: Indian auto giant Tata Motors has launched its new Tata Sumo Gold in the Indian market on November 11, 2011. The Indian company has claimed that the new Gold is the most powerful SUV in its category in India.

Along with unprecedented power and dependability, the new Tata Sumo Gold is expected to provide new highs to the Indian market. Tata Sumo Gold has till now produced vehicles that have catered to the young and enthusiastic drivers.

The Sumo Gold has also fulfilled needs of those who seek something unique in terms of technology and also those which possess extensive expertise in off roading. R Ramakrishnan, the vice president commercial of the Tata Sumo Gold, spoke to the media a day before the launch and said that the Gold is a result of extensive consumer studies as well as field tests.

Ramakrishna added the product has been designed to fulfill the various requirements which has been long awaited by the new generation customer. The unique feature of the new Sumo Gold is that the user has access to two different levels of power. It has a 2956 cc motor with a maximum power of 84 hp at 3000 rpm. Moreover the SUV also promises an average of 14.7 kmpl and has been priced from Rs 5.23 lakhs.