Asia Bizz: South Korean electronics giant Samsung has managed to become the world’s largest smartphone vendor in the last quarter. But this isn’t a good news for Apple, as Samsung has gone way beyond the iPod maker.

Even amidst the legal battle with Apple, Samsung has managed to prove itself as the best in the world. In the last quarter, 27.8 million smartphones were shipped by Samsung due to which it took away 23.8 percent of the market.

The analysis were released in a statement by the UK based strategy analyst Milton Keynes. On the other hand, Apple had shipped 17. 1 million smartphones with a 14.6 percent of the market. This had pushed the California-based company to the second position.

The statement also added that Nokia had maintained its third position. Despite releasing the new iPhone 4S this year, the company remained on the top spot only for the first quarter. Samsung has now turned to Google Inc for its Android Software so as to boost the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets. TZ Wong, another analyst based in Beijing has said that Samsung has come out with products that appeal to all the different factors and specifications. Wong added that this has been a strategy of the company that has been well executed.