Asia Bizz: The Central Railways in Mumbai have taken a decision to build a fence on railway tracks so as to save the lives of the commuters. The decision was taken due to the increasing accident cases of the trespassers on the tracks.

The authorities will now erect fences between the tracks, especially at the important stations like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and Kurla so as to prevent the accidents and save the lives of the commuters. Till now the railways have spent approximately Rs. 2 crores for the fencing.

One of the senior officials has assured that the fences will be erected at all the stations and even open gaps would be plugged from where commuters used to jump on to the tracks. The fences will be covering the entire platform and also further so that the commuters find it more tedious while trespassing.

The measure has been taken also to encourage the usage of the foot over bridges. For the railways, the issue of trespassing has become a major issue due to the increasing number of death on the tracks. The Central Railways runs an awareness campaign for this issue at many places, but even the railway employees are seen crossing the tracks many times.