Asia Bizz: Many user profiles of the social networking site in India were recently hacked. A recent report said that more than 2 lakh profiles were hacked in Bangalore city.

Moreover, weblinks to their morphed pornographic pictures were sent as feeds to the friends and family. Even the cyber crime department has received calls regarding the mass hacking incident.

The recent report said that there were more than 50 posts on the social networking site which stated that they would quit Facebook for ever after they were embarrassed in front of their friends an family. Another report has claimed that the social network has already identified those who are responsible for the mass hack.

Facebook has said that they are currently working with their legal team to ensure that appropriate consequences could follow. A statement was released by the social networking site after many pictures of porn and violence, including fake pictures of celebrities like Justine Bieber, were sent as feeds on many of the profiles of the users. The authorities at Facebook say that they have drastically reduced the damage caused by a spam attack. The hackers had taken the advantage of a browser’s vulnerability. Palo Alto, California-based Facebook said that protecting the people of malicious content is a top priority for them.