Asia Bizz: After the reports of hacking of the profiles in India, social networking site Facebook said there weren’t any reports of hacking of profiles in India. On November 16, 2011, many reports of tampering with the profile pictures were received, to which Facebook said that the reports were inaccurate.

One of the executives of Facebook said that the reports were not true and that the user’s photographs were not transferred to any other website. The social network even clarified that no accounts have been compromised.

On Wednesday, many reports claimed that the profile pictures were tampered and were changed with vulgar images and were sent as feeds to the friends and family. However, some of the aggrieved Facebook users continue to pour in complaints and some of them even said that they would quit the social network.

Some of the users even expressed displeasure, as they faced difficulty in answering security questionnaire. On November 17, 2011, the social network came out openly about the hostile comments and uproar created by the Facebook users. The social network assured that they constantly work to improve the systems to isolate or remove the material that violate the terms and conditions. Facebook even added that protecting the users from spam and malicious content was always their top priority.