At present the most popular car in the hatchback segment in the Indian market is the Swift from the Maruti Suzuki. But the company is currently struggling to clear the backlogs of more than 1,00,000 Swift models. The Indian auto giant said that it plans to clear the backlogs by the end of the financial year.

The new Maruti Suzuki Swift was launched on August 17, 2011 and has become even more popular than before despite the competition from the other hatchbacks in the market. Since the launch of the Swift, the company has received 1,20,000 bookings.

The problem for the company started when the workers at the Manesar plant went on a series of strike during the period of June to October 2011. This was the reason why the company faced huge production loss due to the strike.

The total loss was reported Rs 50,000 and the situation became worse when the company received bookings at a point when the workers went on strike. This was the time when the new Swift was newly launched in the Indian market. The Managing executive officer of Mr. Singh in a statement said that they would make 18,000 to 20,000 units in a month. The Manesar plant would become fully operational in the month of January 2012.