Asia Bizz: South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai has launched the liquefied petroleum gas version of its popular car i10 from the small car segment in the Indian market on November 22, 2011. The price of the new LPG variant of the i10 will cost around Rs. 4,16,144 and Rs. 4,30, 695.

HW Park, the managing director and the chief executive of Hyundai Motors India,  said during the launch that the LPG version of the i10 variant is a viable alternative for customers, who are looking for low-cost running. The new LPG i10 has been powered by a 1.1 litre iRDE2 engine.

The car can be driven with LPG as well as petrol. The new i10 has a factory fitted LPG kit. The company, in a statement, said that with the help of separate LPG tanks and petrol tanks with the capacity of 34 litre and 35 litre respectively, the customers would have a convenient options to choose between the petrol and LPG mode.

The new LPG i10 has a special LPG tank that offers its customers larger boot space compared to the other LPG cars. The company further added that the LPG kit that has been fitted in the car is impact resistant and has also been approved by the department of explosives.