Asia Bizz: The makers of the most popular sedan cars Honda Motors India stated that it has made a drastic cut in the production of its cars. On November 24, 2011, the company said that they are facing severe shortage of the supply of parts from Thailand.

Honda is facing shortage of parts due to floods in the South Asian country. A spokesperson from Honda Siel cars said that they had earlier planned to make more than 8,000 cars from the month of November, but the plans cannot be materialized due to shortage of auto parts.

The spokesperson added that the shortage of spare parts is worse than that was caused in the month of March due to the tsunami in Japan. The company said that the production at present is very fluid and it is accessing the situation week by week.

Honda Motors depends on the company in Thailand for some of the auto parts required in the manufacturing of the car. Honda Siel is a company in which 99.9 belongs to Honda and 0.1 percent belongs to India’s Siel. The company manufactures the popular sedans City and Accord and also hatchbacks like Brio and Jazz at its facility at Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.