Asia Bizz: A report known as the State of Mobile Web mentioned that the Opera Software stated that their Opera Mini has become the second most used browser in India. The report mentioned that Opera aimed at keeping a watch at the usage pattern of the Opera Browsers in India.

Surprisingly, the reports also states that in more than 22 countries around the world there were hardly a million active users of the Opera Mini Browser. The report also mentioned that names of the 22 countries in the world, which have crossed the million mark in terms of the Opera Mini’s Usage.

The 22 nations include India, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, China, US. Among the nations, India stand second with the help of an annual rate of 180 million MB of traffic recorded from the usage of the Opera Mini Browser. The reports even mentioned that the Opera Mini is widely used by the smartphone users despite the fact that it is not designed to be a smartphone browser.

Despite this fact, the smartphone as well as the non-smartphone users use the Mini browser. Some additional information in the report stated that sites like Google, Facebook and YouTube were the most popular websites accessed from the browser.