Asia Bizz: Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC has failed to make its mark in the smartphone market in India till date. In the last eight sessions alone, a fall of 30 percent has been noticed. Critics say that it is now high time for the company to take some drastic steps in terms of innovations in order to survive in the highly competitive market.

The CFO of HTC, Winston Young, stated that HTC will be launching new and more competitive models in the year 2012. Young added that they are confident about the ‘worldwide flagship products’ that they are planning to launch due to which they hope sales are surely going to get a boost.

The company is expected to make the best use of the Barcelona Mobile Conference in February 2012 for the launch of its new products. At the same time, HTC also stated that it does not have a strategy at the moment.

Currently, the company is busy with the launch of its new products and all this happened after the fourth quarter guidance cut which was out last Wednesday. The company showed a sudden cut in its revenue forecast that made the investors worried. However, Young maintained that the situation is not serious and that its situation wasn’t that of Nokia when it suddenly lost its dominance in the market.