After becoming the world’s cheapest tablet, it is soon also going to be the potential money maker for the students. The makers of the tablet ‘Aakash’, Datawind has recently announced a contest for the students.

The best applications in the contest would be embedded in the Ubislate, which is the commercial version of the tablet. The Ubislate is expected to be launched next year. Sunit Singh Tuli the chief executive of Datawind said that they hope to create an entrepreneurial culture among the student community.

Tuli added that the students think unconventionally unlike the large corporate and the software development firms. A useful students designed by the students would be pre-burned in millions of the tablets that would be shipped by the company.

Till now about three lakhy pre-orders have been received of the Ubislate, which is expected to be retailed at Rs. 3,000 in the Indian market. The tablet is expected to come with a Rs. 99 data plan for internet access. Tuli even added that the student who’s app will be selected and featured on the tablet would get the royalty from the usage of the app. Rs 1 lakh would be awarded each to five students who make the winning application for the world’s cheapest tablet.