Asia Bizz: Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic announced the new technology for fitting hearing aids on November 29, 2011. With reference to the electroencephalogram, also known as the EEG brain wave patterns, the new technology enables to estimate the loudest level of sound that a user can comfortably tolerate.

With the help of the new technology, it reduces the strain caused to the user at the time when the hearing aids are being fitted. Panasonic along with the University of Fukui started a clinical evaluation of this method.

The clinical evaluations were aimed to out in to practice the automatic volume level fitting system for the hearing aids that would start from the year 2015. The tolerance of the sound levels depends from person to person and the acceptable sound limit too depends on every person.

Hearing aids are supposed to cater to different needs of different people. The maximum sound tolerance is an important factor while fitting the hearing aids. Normally, users have to go through an uncomfortable loudness test that causes them a psychological stress as well as fatigue. Moreover, constant listening of the test tones can also create confusions. With the help of the new technology, the maximum volume can be determined on the basis of the EEG response.