Asia Bizz: South Korean electronics giant Samsung has launched its much awaited Galaxy Note on November 28, 2011 and it comes  powered by the Android OS. The company has launched the device in South Korea and says that it hopes to sell as many as two million.

Samsung has not given any time frame for forecast sales of the new Galaxy Note and it is already available in other countries. The new device can be positioned between its Galaxy Smartphone and the Galaxy Tab.

The Note has a 5.3-inch screen, which is larger than the smartphone but is smaller than the tablet. The company has hopes that the new device would be a head start for a model that has the functionality of a tablet as well as the smartphone.

Samsung has also boasted that the Note has the portability of a smartphone with a large screen which is at least near to a tablet. JK Shin, the head of the mobile communications business, in a statement, said that the Note is a revolutionary product that has opened a new category in the market. Samsung has also launched the Galaxy Nexus, which became the first smartphone to run on the New Android OS of Google, which is now known as the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.