Asia Bizz: For those who were keen on having electric cars on the Indian roads, Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation is now planning to launch the electric car for the Indian market. The company assured that with the heavy demand for diesel cars in the market, it would also line up more diesel models.

Toshihiro Suzuki, the representative director and executive vice president of Suzuki Motor Corporation said that they are currently considering launching electric cars in India. But when queried about the details of the plans, he said that the specifications cannot be revealed and added that the only problem is the infrastructure in terms of electric plugs.

The company even declined to reveal a possible date of the launch of the electric cars in the country and said that they would introduce the cars at the right time. The representative director even said that after looking at the infrastructure problems faced by the LPG and CNG models, introducing a electric car would be a bigger challenge.

In case of CNG models there are very limited number of gas stations, so it is even more difficult to introduce electric cars in India. Talking about the new diesel cars, the company assured that more diesel models would be introduced in future.