Asia Bizz: The results of a Neilson survey released on November 28, 2011 state that mobile messenger Kakao Talk is the most frequently used Android app in South Korea. A survey conducted by Neilson in the August – September period mentioned that 92.8 percent of the users who use smartphones based on Android OS, use Kakao Talk.

The app has been developed by a Korean firm. The insights and analytics provider also said that the apps that lagged behind were Google Map with 53.3 percent, Google Android market with 88.6 percent and Naver with 52.6 percent.

On the other hand, the US data showed a different pattern with the Android market that topped the list with 89 percent. After the Android Market comes Gmail with 79 percent, Google Search with 73 percent and Google Map with 74 percent.

Among the Korean smartphone users, the noticeable usage pattern was observed with preference of the Apps rather than the web activities that are served through the built-in browsers. The apps dominated the total activities with 89.6 percent while the internet surfing remained with just 10.3 percent. It was also observed that South Korean users preferred Facebook as well as Cyworld and showed similar preferences and usage rates. The findings were based on the basis of 1,044 users.