Asia Bizz: The year 2012 is expected to be the worst year for social networking sites and cell phones. A new report informs that the social media and the cell phones would be the most vulnerable platforms for the cyber criminals to exploit the globally important events in the year 2012.

Such platforms can be misused by cyber criminals to steal the personal information and make financial gains. A document from the cyber security firm Websense mentions that the identity information given by users of social networking sites can prove to be valuable for the cyber criminals.

The report mentioned that cyber criminals can actively buy and sell social media credentials in online forums. It also mentioned that rust is the basis of social networking and if a cyber criminal can compromise a social media log-in, then the cyber criminal can very well manipulate the friends too.

Social media would be the easiest way to attack your friends and mobile devices. Earlier, cases have been seen where the chat functionality of a compromised social network was misused to get the right victim. The researchers at Websense said that the social network would be the most primary vector for the cyber criminals for the most advanced attacks in the year 2012.