Asia Bizz: International chip manufacturing giant Intel has recently reveal that smartphones powered by its Atom processors will soon debut in the Indian market. Intel stated that the smartphones with Intel chips are expected to be launched in India by 2012.

Already, Google TV which is powered by the Intel processors has made a debut. Event the Ultrabooks and the tablets with the Intel processors have made their place in the Indian market.

The upcoming year will see the smartphones with the Intel processors with the Atom core . The development on the Intel processors was informed by Intel Technology India and South Asia sales director R Ravichandran.

The director even added that the Ultrabooks with the Intel processors that have been launched by the companies like Asus, Acer and Lenovo, are expected to grow after more products are launched by the companies. More models of the Ultrabooks are expected to be launched by next year and the sales of such Intel processor products are expected to go up. Ravichandran further revealed that Intel has signed a deal with MasterCard that help to determine the identities involved in the transactions from the various computing devices like the smartphones and the notebooks. This will help in more secure transactions.