Asia Bizz: The Tokyo Motor Show on December 1, 2011 attracted the spectators with a foldable robot scooter that was controlled by a smartphone. The makers of the foldable scooter expect that it could be the future of urban driving.

The scooter has been named as Kobot that is three wheeled. It has only one seat which can be packed after the scooter is used in a space of one square meter.

The Kobot has a target speed of 30 kms per hour and the makers of the scooter Kowa Tmsuk have made an electric vehicle with the help of which people can easily navigate in crowded streets without adding to air pollution.

The president of Tmsuk, Yoichi Takmoto, said that it is a robot that one can ride. The company has earlier developed robots that were designed for medical care and rescue operations. A smartphone is used by the driver to remotely tell the Kobot to fold its rear wheel and seat in the main body when not in use. The designers say that such a model is ideal for a city like Tokyo where the parking space is always an issue. The president of the company Yoshito Serita, assured that the vehicles would be ready for the market by next autumn.