Asia Bizz: Despite the slow rate in the growth of sales in the auto industry, the month of November 2011 has proved to be fruitful for some auto manufacturers in India. It has been observed that some of the top auto companies have recorded a good rise in sales; Mercedes Benz has seen 31% rise in the yearly growth.

The rise in the sales was noticed due to the number of new launches in the Asian country. In the period between January to November 2011, Mercedes Benz sold 6698 units in the Indian market.

On the other hand, the company sold 5110 units in the previous year during the same period. The company also made attempts by increasing their Tier II networks and also expanding their networks in Nashik and Raipur.

The dealerships in cities like Chennai, Ludhiana, Mumbai and Ahmedabad also helped the company to increase its sales. With the help of the 29 cities in India, the company has increased its network to 61. The sales of the company also increased due to the recently launched C-Class.

In October 2011, the Star Lease was introduced in the Indian market for personalized lease options. The sales also boosted due to the pre-owned car program.