Asia Bizz: Social networking site Facebook has indeed become the most popular social networking site globally. Japan’s own social networking site mixi Inc, has joined hands with Twitter Inc on November 30, 2011 to make their platform stronger against Facebook.

It is a good opportunity for the San Francisco based company to accelerate global growth. The partnership with the local company is a strategy for the micro blogging site to expand their global existence.

After the US, Japan is the second largest market as it has served as key international testing grounds for online usage. For Twitter, Japan was the first foreign language platform and the first overseas office of Twitter was opened in Tokyo earlier this year.

In the month of April, Twitter appointed James Kondo in Japan as the first international country manager. However, according to Kondo, he does not know if Twitter will indulge in similar partnerships with other countries. Yet the company is keen on the results of the experiment that has been launched with a limited Christmas themed application. Kondo added that the company is now going to observe on what works and what does not. Mixi had been the dominant social networking site in Japan for seven years. It is so popular that even Facebook, failed to make its impact in front of mixi.