Asia Bizz: South Korean company Samsung has been pulled down yet again by it’s rival and American electronics giant Apple. In Australia, Apple Inc. won a week’s ban on the sale of Samsung’s latest tablet in the country.

The ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was extended by High Court Justice Dyson Heydon up to December 9, 2011. Meanwhile, the court will consider the request by Apple a request for an appeal to a lower court ruling which had lifted the ban on the product.

The patent dispute began in the month of April 2011, when Apple alleged that Samsung copied many of the features of its iPad and iPhone for making its Galaxy Tab. The disputes began when Samsung released its smartphone based on Android in the year 2010.

The dispute was initiated by the late Steve Jobs, the then CEO of Apple, who raised the concern that Samsung might be infringing some of the patents of their company. Apple’s patent attorney Richard Lutton is looking into the legal case in Australia and also testified on September 29 in Sydney. Samsung became the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer in the last quarter, while pushing Apple to the second position. At present, Apple dominates the tablet market in terms of popularity.