Asia Bizz: With the increasing popularity of the motorsports in India, the motorsports arm of Nissan Motors is considering an entry into the growing Indian auto market. According to Nissan Motorsport International Co, entering in the Indian market will be considered when the company decides to enter the motorsport race or rally in the markets where Nissan’s parent’s automotive business is flourishing.

The President of NISMO, Shoichi Miyatani, said that India is important in terms of the car market, but the company still wants to observe the future of motorsports in India. Miyatani added that as the F1 was conducted in India this year, there are possibilities that the popularity of motorsports could increase in future.

At present, the company is deciding on which rally or race it should participate in, starting with Japan. Miyatani also stated that the process of initiation has started globally, so it could also come to India in the near future.

India indeed has a good future for cars, but the Japanese company has to first study the potential of motorsports in India. Before introducing the cars in India, the customers in the country have to be familiar with the name of NISMO so that they can accept the cars of the company in future.