Asia Bizz: California-based company Apple recently applied in a US court for a ban on the sales of South Korean company Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones and tablet computers. But the court rejected the request for the preliminary injunction against the sales of the Samsung devices in the US market.

The US District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose in California rejected the request of the ban on the sales of Samsung devices in the US. Samsung released a press statement and said that this had proved that Apple’s argument lacks merit.

The statement added that they are now confident that they can now prove the distinctiveness of the Samsung mobile devices, when the case goes to trial in 2012. A spokesperson from Samsung said that the preliminary injunction was aimed at halting the sales of the Samsung devices during the peak season of Christmas in the US.

Last week, Samsung won the appeal against the temporary ban on the sales of the Galaxy tablet devices in Australia. Apple and Samsung are involved in the patent dispute in over ten countries including , Germany, US, South Korea, Japan and Australia. Both the companies are now aiming to dominate the $100 billion market for tablets and smartphones. The companies are involved in the patent dispute since April 2011.