Asia Bizz: Japanese-based electronics company Sharp Corp has recently developed a 12.1-megapixel camera with 1/3.2 inch CMOS module. The camera features optical image stabilization and has the industry’s thinnest profile and 5.47 in height.

The company has developed the new RJ63YC100 to be used in mobile devices like smartphones. The new design has been created by Sharp, looking at the growing popularity of portable mobile devices with slender designs.

The new module can also fulfill the needs for embedded cameras in the devices so as to deliver superior image quality as well as camera functionality. The module will also support connectivity to AV equipment as well as personal computers.

The optical image stabilizer used in the camera module has a lens shift control system, which helps in controlling the lens inside the module. The high density packaging technology of Sharp made it possible to achieve the thinnest profile in the industry in this type of camera module. This will help to reduce the thickness of the popular mobile devices such as smartphones. With the help of the new camera module, high quality images can be captured in many difficult situations that are typically prone to blurring caused by the shaking of the camera. The camera module also supports full HD video capture.