Asia Bizz: After the launch of the diesel version of the mid sized car Sunny, Nissan is now planning to increase the prices of Micra from the small car segment and also the petrol version of the premium sedan Sunny. Nissan might increase the prices by 2% which will take effect from the month of January 2012.

The price hike in the cars is mainly due to the changes in the currency movements. Sources from the company, who are aware of the development, say that Nissan has already finalized the proposed increase.

It is said that the company is suffering due to the decrease in the value of Indian Rupee and rise in the value of Yen. Moreover, the input costs are also rising and in order to protect the margins of the company, it will be increasing the prices from 0.5 to 2 % in the upcoming month.

But in some good news, the prices of the diesel version of the Sunny which was recently launched will remain constant. On the other hand, the prices of the diesel and petrol version of the Micra will be hiked.

When the spokesperson of the company was contacted,  he declined to comment on the development. The Indian rupee recently went down by 56 paise.