Asia Bizz: Wireless and corded headset manufacturer, Jabra, has recently launched its Bluetooth mono headset Supreme in the Indian market. The prominent feature of the headset is its Active Noise Cancellation ability along with digital signal processing as well as Wind Noise Reduction Technology.

Another interesting feature of the headset is that it can be controlled through voice with the capability of answering, ending, redialing and rejecting calls. So it will give the user complete hands-free operation by just giving commands through voice. The guidance of the voice also adds to the convenience as it alerts various statuses like the low battery and more.

Ann Goh, the regional sales manager of GN Netcom, said that for years the headset makers have focused on noise reduction technology that emits the transmission of background noise in the call. Goh added that Jabra now does it all by reducing the ambient noise around the user. The sales manager said that the user will have an experience as if he is having a phone conversation in a quite room no matter where ever the user is.

The headset comes with a one year local warranty and is available through the national distributor Redington at Rs. 7,999.