Asia Bizz: Indian- based engineering company ULTra Fairwood has recently announced their plan of setting up a pod car system for the city of Amritsar in the state of Punjab, India. The company revealed that they have reached an agreement with the government of Punjab for the construction of a rapid transit system for the city.

The ULTra Global PRT recently completed a proof of concept at the Heathrow Airport in London and are now planning to introduce the same system for the Indian city. The managing director of the company Fraser Brown said that the system will have 200 automated electric pods and will be used by 1,00,000 per day to commute over 3.3 kilometers.

It will be a seven station route and the key stations will be the principal bus station, the rail road terminal and then the Golden Temple. A comparable fare will also be charged to other transport mediums that will be applicable in the city.

The company is planning to implement the service by the year 2014 and the work on the project will begin in the year 2012. Due to the climatic differences between London and Amritsar, the company will be making alterations as well as revisions in the pod cars system to suit the country conditions.