Asia Bizz: The limited version of the Aakash tablet, which was released less than a week back in India, has already been sold out. The company, Datawind, which made the world’s cheapest tablet, put limited pieces of the device online for sale.

Now the company says that the commercial version of the tablet, known as the UbiSlate 7, will soon be released and is still available for pre-orders. The new UbiSlate 7 has been priced at Rs. 2,999 and will be launched in the Indian market by the month of January 2012.

It was expected that the tablet will get an overwhelming response from tech savvy people. The Aakash was priced at Rs. 2,500 and came with a monthly data plan of Rs. 98.

On the other hand,  certain media reports recommended that the upcoming UbiSlate 7 will be a better deal that the Aakash in the present version. The UbiSlate will have an upgraded operating system and a better battery life. It will also have WiFi as well as 3G capabilities and the SIM functionality will allow the users to make voice calls. The UbiSlate 7 will cost just Rs. 499 more than the present Aakash tablet. The company said that looking at the massive response at the Aakash, similar response is also expected from the UbiSlate 7.