Asia Bizz: Indian auto giant and the makers of the world’s cheapest car, Tata, has asked all its Tata Nano owners to get its starter motor replaced. The news is that the company is offering the replacement for the owners free of cost.

At the same time, the company also clarified that it wasn’t any kind of recall for the cars and that there wasn’t any technical glitch in the old starter motors. The spokesperson of Tata Motors, Debasis Ray,  said that the company has taken a conscious decision to equip all the Tata Nanos with better and more efficient starter motors.

The improved starter motors are already being fitted the new 2012 version of Nano which was introduced last month. Already the company has replaced 50,000 starter motors for the Nano cars and the whole exercise is likely to cost the company around Rs. 110 crores.

Since the launch of the car, it has been surrounded amidst controversy of many reports of the car catching fire surfaced. Last year, in the month of November, more than 70,000 Nano cars were called back to add fire safety devices. Due to this, the sales of the car went down and in order to maintain the sales, the company introduced an upgraded version of the car.