Asia Bizz: Robotic vacuum cleaners are now in high demand in Korea. The sales of such robotic cleaners have tripled in the past three years. On December 25, 2011 the industry data showed that it helped in perking up the sluggish market.

It was observed that the market expanded at an average rate of 56 percent in the past three years. Starting with just 36,000 units in the year 2008 to 130,000 units this year the number has remarkably increased.

Moreover, it has also been expected that the number would increase in future up to 170,000 units. The growth for such convenient appliances has been observed with the growing demand for an easier, quicker and more fun solutions for the household chores among the Korean couples, who are dual earners as well as working mothers.

Winter Green Research, a research firm, said that the driving forces are the compelling aspects as usage of the robotic devices reduces human efforts. Moreover, some major companies like Samsung and LG have come up with cheaper and more efficient models. According to the industry officials, the cleaning robots will continue to remain in the market and will also give a boost to the market. The companies are constantly trying to deliver the latest technology through the products.