Asia Bizz: Indian two-wheeler making giant TVS Motor Company has unveiled its new technology on December 28, 2011. The company showed off its technology based on automatic transmission; to deliver a compact engine that can be used in motorcycles, step through bikes and scooters.

The company claims that the initiative has been achieved through five to six years of intense research in collaboration with the leading institutions in India as well as other countries abroad. The new technology is expected to deliver 20 percent more fuel efficiency compared to the conventional technology which is in place today.

The new technology will have automatic transmission instead of the regular variable transmission technology. It will enable users to have an easy and effortless change of gears. This can be done through electronic control which picks the gear with the driving condition.

The technology makes the engine run efficiently and also obviates the need for the clutch. Harne Vinay Chandrakant, the president, New Product Development of TVS Motors said that the new technology has the capacity to deliver the lowest CO2 in scooters wile also providing low floor boards and large storage space. Harne also added that TVS Motors has filed patent for the technology in India as well as abroad.