Asia Bizz: The country of Pakistan has recently become the number one country in the world where the people search for the term ‘sex’ on the search engine ‘Google’ in the year 2011. Surprisingly, Pakistan is then followed by India.

As per the data by the Google Trends, eight out of the ten cities in the world are Indian who search for the term ‘sex’ in the search engine. Fox News reports that in 2010, data mentions that Pakistan has outranked all the other countries in terms of  pornographic content in 2009 as well.

The country has more than 20 million internet users. Google Trends is an engine that calculates and keeps a track on what terms are used by the users, how many times by different people.

Google Trends, with the help of the IP addresses from the server logs, makes the best guess about from where the queries have been originated. While talking about accuracy, Google Trends stated that the data trends might contain a few inaccuracies due to a number of reasons, which include data sampling issues a variety of approximations which are used to calculate the results. The company also added that the data can be used for a general knowledge or entertainment, but cannot be used for the information on the PhD dissertations.