Asia Bizz: The government of China is now taking more measures on the safety of the Chinese web browsers. The government has joined hands with some of the local search engines like and Baidu and also with some financial institutions to prevent phishing attacks on unsuspecting Chinese web browsers.

On December 30, 2011, the Ministry of Public Security said that it will be working with ten of the Chinese search engines so as to protect the websites rankings of financial institutions. The measure has been taken so as to lessen the chances of internet users getting duped by the phishing websites.

When a user is parted with his own user name or password through a fake webpage which closely resembles the original; with the help of the collaboration, the official websites of many of the Chinese banks like Chine Construction Bank and the Agricultural Bank of India will be ranked first in the engine when the user looks for the related keywords.

This will automatically reduce the risk of such attacks. The measure has been taken by the government after China urged tighter security on December 28, 2011 after certain reports of personal data leaks which alarmed the online community.