Asia Bizz: The world’s most affordable tablet Aakash, has a competitor in the Indian market. An education solutions provider based in Delhi, known as the Classteacher Learning Systems, has reportedly developed the Classpad.

The new Classpad is the recent addition in the low-budget segment which is already popular due to Datawind’s Aakash. However, the Classpad isn’t that affordable like that the Aakash and has been priced between Rs. 7,500 and Rs. 14,500.

So far it has been known that the device will be running on the Android OS, but it has not yet specified the version. The other features of the Classpad include a 1.3 GHz processing speed, 4GB built-in memory which is expandable up to 8 GB.

Reports say that the new Classpad comes with a unique feature known as the artificial intelligence, which helps in the categorization of the intelligence levels of the children. The special feature will encourage ‘intelligent’ students to excel further and also direct the students who are comparatively on the weaker side. The Classteacher Learning Systems is working on two business routes to make a foray in the market. The first one is the trolley model where the device can be used on a shared model by paying Rs. 100 per child. And the second is the OTPC method which is also known as one tablet per child.